Monday, July 17, 2006

[Videos & webcasts providing a detailed overview of WF]

Hello, Workflow! - This provides a code-centric high level walkthrough of the Windows Workflow Foundation, a programming model, engine, and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows.

WF Core Concepts Video - Explains the architecture and core concepts of Windows Workflow Foundation.

How WF Will Affect Your Architecture [Level 100] - Many architects want to know how WF will affect the architecture of service oriented systems. To find out, watch this webcast.

Introduction to WF [Level 200] - Demonstrates the basics of developing, designing, and debugging workflow solutions using Windows Workflow Foundation.

Building Workflow-Enabled Services with WCF [Level 300] - Services and workflows can be used together to build composite applications. In this webcast, see how services and workflows fit together naturally in many scenarios. For more on WCF, refer to my WCF guide.

[Follow the steps below to install WF correctly]

Uninstall previous .NET 3.0 betas - This will uninstall all previous version of .NET Framework 3.0 on your machine [June CTP or earlier].

Install .NET Framework 3.0 July CTP - This will install the WF RC4 runtime. This will also install all other 'pillars' of .NET 3.0 such as the Communication & Presentation Foundations, etc. This installation is intended only for developers who do NOT have Vista. This is also a part of Vista July CTP [build 5472].

Uninstall previous Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF - In Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Select Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Workflow Foundation -> Click Change/Remove -> Select Remove.

Install Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF RC4 - Compatible with Vista (July CTP) and/or the .NET Framework 3.0 (July CTP).
[Quickly ramp up on WF with these exercises]

10 Hands-on Labs for WF RCs - Please complete the steps in the GET section above to install the latest version of WF before trying out these labs. Each lab is approximately 60 minutes of work.

[Some introductory articles on WF]

Simplify Development with WF declarative model - This article discusses what's inside a workflow; composite activities and execution; context and state management using WF.

Cutting Edge WF Part I - This article discusses how you can use Windows Workflow Foundation to address a common business scenario where automatic processes intersect with human activity.

Cutting Edge WF Part II - This article discusses ASP.NET workflow applications and the ability to expose a workflow as a Web service and invoke a Web service from a workflow.